What work should be done for steel structure inspection in construction engineering

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2023/08/13 23:46

What should be done for steel structure testing in construction engineering? Construction project quality inspection refers to the activity of testing and determining the quality characteristics of materials, components, equipment, as well as the quality and functional use of engineering entities in accordance with relevant national laws, regulations, mandatory standards and design documents. 1、 Special testing (1) Foundation engineering testing 1. Static load testing of bearing capacity of foundation and composite foundation; 2. Testing the bearing capacity of piles; 3. Pile integrity testing; 4. Detection of anchor rod locking force. (2) On site testing of the main structure engineering: 1. On site testing of the strength of concrete, mortar, and masonry; 2. Thickness detection of steel reinforcement protective layer; 3. Structural performance testing of precast concrete components; 4. Mechanical performance testing of post embedded parts. (3) Testing of building curtain wall engineering: 1. Testing of air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure deformation performance, and interlayer displacement performance of building curtain walls; 2. Compatibility testing of silicone structural adhesive. (4) Steel structure engineering inspection 1. Non destructive testing of steel structure welding quality; 2. Steel structure anti-corrosion and fireproof coating inspection; 3. Mechanical performance testing of steel structure nodes, fastening standard parts for mechanical connections, and high-strength bolts; 4. Deformation detection of steel grid structures.


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