High rise steel structure

Core strengths

Nice seismic performance

The steel structure house has good continuity, can absorb more seismic energy under the action of seismic impact, and has excellent seismic performance.

Shott Construction Period

The steel components are processed in the factory, the workload on the construction site is greatly reduced, and the floor slab adopts prefabricated steel truss floor slab to achieve three-dimensional cross operation and short main construction period.

High Quality of Engineering

Steel components are produced by modern equipment, high product precision, stable quality, during the construction process, steel components are exposed, less concealed engineering, easy quality control.

Energy Saving

Low energy consumption in the steel structure manufacturing and construction process, water and electricity saving, reduced material consumption due to the improvement of structural bearing capacity, integration of thermal insulation materials and structural systems, superior thermal insulation performance, and saving residential operating costs.

Environment Protecting

The construction process has low noise, less dust, 100% recycling of steel components, storing steel for the people, and storing steel in the building; The steel structure house adopts new green environmental protection materials, does not contain asbestos and other harmful substances, is non-toxic and harmless, more livable and environmentally friendly.