General contracting

Jindi Steel Structure has the first-class qualification of steel structure in Liaoning Province, advanced technology, modern management and rich practical experience, which ensures the effective control of the project, ensures the performance ability and quality standards, and improves the core competitiveness of the project.

Shenyang Metro Line 4 Phase I Project Aerospace South Road Parking Lot Project is located in Shenyang Hunnan New District, south of Hanghang South Road, west of Harbin University Passenger Specialty, and north of Harbin University EMU Section, the current situation is farmland, the terrain is flat, the ground elevation is within the range of 39.0-40.0, covering an area of 14.32 hectares, and the total construction area of the parking lot is 43979 square meters.


The project includes civil engineering and decoration works such as operation garage and washing garage, comprehensive building and canteen, engineering garage, public security police station, rainwater pumping station, garbage transfer station, guard house, fence and gate, track engineering, road engineering, heating in the field area, water supply and drainage, power supply engineering and high and low voltage switchgear outlet comprehensive pipe network construction engineering, greening landscape.