Equipment steel structure
  • Equipment steel structure

Equipment steel structure


steel structure



Equipment steel structure refers to the steel structure part of large equipment, according to the experience of Qingye Engineering (QYETC) technicians, the following structures should be classified into the category of equipment steel structure: tower steel structure of bridge erecting machine, lifting beam of crane, crane body, large equipment bracket, etc., which is one of the precision steel structures with high requirements for precision, material, connection, etc. For complete sets of equipment, it is the most important force part and plays a structural role in function.

The processing and production of equipment steel structure is similar to that of precision steel structure, between ordinary structural parts (not high requirements for processing) and precision machining (requiring fine processing), using welding or bolting connection methods.

Equipment steel structure usually puts forward special requirements or higher requirements in the following aspects:

Structural parts: material, surface roughness, tolerances, surface treatment, straightness (or radians)

Connection: hole position deviation, bolt grade; Welding methods, welding standards, welding consumables; Air tightness, non-destructive testing, liquid penetration testing, etc. are required

Overall structure: verticality, horizontality, etc

Packaging: packaging materials, packaging methods

Storage: ambient temperature, ambient humidity

Transportation: loading and unloading, placement in vehicles, placement in containers, etc.