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Space steel structure


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Space structure refers to the hall type plan combination, the area and volume are very large halls, such as the theater audience hall, the gymnasium competition hall, etc., its coverage and enclosure problem is the key to the hall type plan combination structure arrangement, the rapid development of the new space structure, effectively solve the coverage problem of large-span architectural space, but also create a colorful architectural image. The space structure system has various shapes of folding plate structure, shell structure, grid shell structure and suspension structure.

Grid structure

The grid structure is a network structure composed of many continuous members according to certain rules, and a ball is added at the contact point to increase the link. The members mainly bear the axial force, which can give full play to the strength of the material, save steel, and the structure has a small weight. The grid structure has large space rigidity, strong integrity and good stability. It is to use smaller size members to build large-span structures, and the member types are uniform.


Suspension structure (a bridge built between two mountains, with iron chains between the two mountains, this is the structure of the suspension lock; For example, the Luding Bridge passed by the Red Army) is an ideal structural form of long-span roofing. The suspension structure is generally composed of steel cables, edge members and lower supporting structures. For example, the Olympic Sports Center is made of suspension cables.

Shell structure

The shell structure is supported vertically at both ends, and the force is broken down to both sides along the tangent line of the curved surface, and the size is very small and can be made with a large span. Such as: make arch bridges, large churches.

Tube truss structure

Pipe truss structure refers to the truss structure system made of steel pipe, so it is also called pipe truss or pipe structure. As long as the superior force performance and beautiful external shape of the steel pipe are used to form a unique structural system, to meet the latest design concepts of the steel structure, the combination of materials, load-bearing and stabilizing components is concentrated to play a spatial role.

Membrane structure

Membrane structure (Membrane) is a new type of building structure developed in the middle of the 20th century, which is a variety of high-strength thin film materials (PVC or Teflon) and reinforcing components (steel frame, steel column or steel cable) through a certain way to generate a certain internal pretension stress to form a certain spatial shape, as a covering structure, and can withstand a certain external load of a spatial structure form. The membrane structure can be divided into two categories: inflatable membrane structure and tensile membrane structure. The inflatable membrane structure is constantly inflated indoors, so that a certain pressure difference between indoor and outdoor (generally between 10mm~30mm water column), the pressure difference between indoor and outdoor makes the roof membrane cloth subject to a certain upward buoyancy, so as to achieve a large span. The tension structure is formed by column and steel frame support or steel cable tension, and its shape is very beautiful and flexible.