Shenyang Metro Line 10 Lilac Lake parking lot


Project Name: Shenyang Metro Line 10 Lilac Lake Parking Lot

Project details: Shenyang Metro Line 10 Lilac Lake parking lot project. Lilac Lake parking lot uses the first floor of the basement and the second floor of the part, with a total construction area of about 20,847m², of which the roof adopts steel beams, and the roof panels are made of steel frame insulation and light panels.
The project includes civil engineering and decoration works such as operation garage and washing garage, comprehensive building and canteen, engineering garage, public security police station, rainwater pumping station, garbage transfer station, guard house, fence and gate, track engineering, road engineering, heating in the field area, water supply and drainage, power supply engineering and high and low voltage switchgear outlet comprehensive pipe network construction engineering, greening landscape.