Engineering cases


Jindi Steel has served customers at home and abroad, undertaken many projects, and witnessed the determination of Jindi Steel to continuously pursue the limit and challenge to complete difficult projects.

In the course of more than ten spring and autumn storms, the scale of Jindi Steel has changed from small to large, strength from weak to strong, management from rough to refined, technology from low to high, and quality from flat to excellent. With China's construction and development, the torrent of reform and opening up, Jindi Steel Structure takes "developing the national steel structure industry and promoting the modernization of China's architecture" as its mission and "being the most trusted friend of users" as its purpose, and composes a brilliant movement of exploration and creation of China's modern steel structure enterprises, and the intertwining of glory and dreams.

To provide customers with high-quality and efficient services! The customer's problem is always our topic, we always emphasize customer first, service is endless. With high-quality engineering services, the best solutions, serving customers, and providing our customers with safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving buildings for the pursuit!